Best Dr Trust Blood Sugar Test Machine Strips India

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  • GDH-FAD Strips
  • Easy and Instant
  • Accurate Results
  • Ketone Alert
  • The USA Product with Warranty in India
  • Small Volume Blood Sample


Strips in a box intended for single one time use. It comes with 50 strips in a package. it’s simple and easy to use. there is not any other coding technology.

GDH-FAD Strips: These are GDH-FAD strips. They warn if your ketones level is rising in the blood. Helpful in reducing the incidence of diabetic ketoacidosis by knowing your exact ketones level
Easy and Instant: The Dr. Accept as true with Glucometer’s strips make the blood glucose monitoring easy as no special setup is required for testing. A small finger prick is needed for taking a small blood sample
Accurate Results: You’ll Accept as true with the Dr. Accept as true with glucometer strips for accuracy. You’ll use these strips with Dr. Accept as true with Gold Standard Glucometer Machine to check your diabetes from the comfort of your home correctly
Alternate website testing: These small strips can sample all types of blood – capillary, neonatal, venous, and arterial blood. You want to not add any rough details into the machine for testing
Small Volume Blood Sample: Apply the 0.5 ul of a collected blood sample on the strip and read your results on the display within a couple of seconds

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2 reviews for Best Dr Trust Blood Sugar Test Machine Strips India

  1. Manish Singh Bisht

    Really a Great dr trust Sugar test machine

  2. Lakshmi

    Product was good but need it in one day delivery. When it’s required not able purchase outside coz this product is not available.

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