Top 3 Special Hand Juicer Machine in India 2022

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Hand juicer Machine is a kitchen tool that is used to extract the juice mainly from citrus fruits and some vegetables. It is a well-being hand juicing presses are typically built with the hard solid ribbed cone. They all are mainly used to extract and press and grinding for this type of fruits. You can easily make juice with these Machines.

Top 3 Hand Juicer Machine

Hand Juicer Machine

Mr. BRAND Portable Blender

It is very easy to charge and easy to carry anywhere. Mr. Brand Portable Blender comes with 4 blades and a 304 stainless steel blade on the bottom so we can make very fresh and delicious juice. It is very perfect for those who are travelling and business trips and other outdoor activities.

Mr. Brand Portable Blender Features

  • Portable and Convenient to Charge: This is lightweight configuration is simple for you to carry it to school, office, parks, camping and any place you need. And also it very convenient to charge while using with the help of gadgets like  power bank,  PC, vehicle or other USB
  • Rechargeable & Portable: This juicer comes outfitted with an inherent 2000mAh battery-powered shower that can be handily charged by a power bank, PC, PC, lamina phones or other USB gadgets.
  • Easy and Safe Cleaning: It has a good safety device and magnetic sensor switch ultra which is safe to clean and the body and down part will be separated easily to clean it.
  • Multi-work: It is very suitable for travelling and for outdoor activities. With this juice blender machine, we can make natural tasty juice and also good for vegetables as well.

Multi-Functional: It is a multi-functional machine that works for making shakes which be very smooth and also uses for both vegetables and other foods.

TIMESOON Hand Juicer

It is fresh and healthy juices in a moment the taste and nutrition from vegetable and fruit juices by using this fruit and vegetable juicer. Featuring a singular design that extracts maximum juice and a coffee amount of pulp, this juicer features a fully manual function that’s built for efficiency and simple use. With help of the extra-large metal feed tube, you’ll serve fresh fruit and vegetable juices straight from the juicer.

Timesoon hand juicer

From vegetables like bitter gourd, spinach, cucumber and pomegranates oranges, mangoes and other fruits, obtain nutritious and reinvigorating juices to assist you’re taking your fitness to a subsequent level. Simple operation for easier juice extraction featuring a simple manual operation with a vacuum base for a firm fix on the platform, the TIME SOON fruit and vegetable juicer makes juicing a simple and effortless task.

It also features an ergonomic steel handle for further simple use. Made from food-grade material, you are doing not need to worry about contamination and may serve healthy glasses of juice to your entire family.

As it doesn’t require electricity, you’ll carry this juicer wherever you go and obtain instant access to fresh juices wherever you go. Hard build quality, easy to take care of made up of top quality food-grade ABS plastic and chrome steel blades, the TIME SOON fruit and vegetable juicer is made to last for a long time usage service, even with regular use. You can easily disassemble the whole juicer unit which facilitates easy cleaning. Simply wash and dry after use to take care of its looks and efficiency for an extended time.

TIMESOONER Hand Juicer Features

  • Impact-resistant ABS plastic that’s BPA-free: All parts are detachable for thorough washing. Easy by Hand-wash and towel-dry suction base to clean well.
  • Package Content: 1 Juicer with waste collector
  • Get healthy and stay healthy: With the juicer machine, it gives the perfect diet.
  • Compact: easy to store, pack and carry for outings and picnics, portable, manual and very easy to use and clean.

Aworld Metal Squeezer 

Many of us starting a day with a glass of lemon or orange juice, so the perfect one is the Aworld Metal Squeezer which is also separate the seeds. And also it is only suitable for some type of fruits only like oranges, lemons, watermelon, etc. It is not suitable for grapes, apples. It is very easy to clean while taking high time to clean perfectly.

Aworld metal juice squeezer

Aworld Metal Squeezer Features

  • PROFESSIONAL LEMON SQUEEZER: For our body, vitamin C is very important by using this juicer machine get an amount of juice from citrus fruits like limes, oranges, lemons, grapes, etc.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: It covers only with alloy body it is very fit to our hands while using it and very easy to press and easy to make juice.
  • EASY TO USE: Very easy use just place the half piece of any fruit in the given container in the holes then the juice will begin from lemon squeezer.
  • PREMIUM LEMON PRESS: It is made with an aluminium alloy which provides large life. It is a perfect fit for our hand while squeezing lemons and also it is premium quality very strong built quality.
  • EASY CLEAN: We can clean easily with a soft towel and it wash with only by using hand to make it shine.
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