Best B Natural Mixed Fruit Juice in India

  • Made from a mix of delicious special pulpy fruits
  • B Natural is from Indian Farmers
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When looking for original fruit nutrition, switch to B natural fruit drinks, made with 100% Indian fruit and 0% concentrate. The entire collection is made with Indian fruits that are sourced from local Indian farmers, from all over the country. The consumers are able to taste the fruits of the hard work and dedication these farmers have put into them through B natural packaging. Made with 100% Indian Fruits and 0% Concentration. Take B natural mixed fruit juice that offers an authentic fruity experience.

The complete set of B Natural is made with Indian fruits, not from concentrate. The B natural development process does not use an additional concentration step, which involves heating the juice/pulp to remove the water content, which could result in a loss of fruit nutrients in the form of antioxidants, such as vitamin C.

The name tells that B natural juices are 100% natural fruit juice with 0% concentration. Some interesting information related to B natural juices are:

  • The used fruit is purchased from local farmers all over India
  • All of their fruit juices do not contain any added preservatives
  • B Natural juices at a concentration of 0%.
  • 0% concentration is the process of heating the fruit pulp or juice to remove the excess water content. As a result, the juice loses its natural nutrients in the form of antioxidants such as vitamin C


Is B Natural Juice Healthy :

    B Natural juices are made with only 100% fruits and 0% concentrations. The concentration process involves heating fruit fertilizer or juice to remove additional water content. This process may lead to a loss of nutrients in the form of antioxidants such as vitamin C.

These juices are among the best juice brands nowadays. We can choose from several  B natural juices. Mixed fruit juice, watermelon juice, guava juice, lychee juice, mango juice, pomegranate juice, and many more.

Is B Natural Mixed Fruit Juice Is Real :

    It’s an ITC product so it will be 100% pure. The product can be preservative-free but it needs artificial flavouring at least and that is the secret behind the claim of B Natural Fruit Juice Products 

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  1. Bhawna

    Really Amazing juice. Mainly when its mixed fruits.

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