Best Omron MC 720 Digital Forehead Thermometer

  • Easily switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius
  • One Second Reading
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty from date of purchase
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The Omron offers an infrared thermometer, a non-contact thermometer with two units of measurements in ° C and ° F. The screen has a backlight which provides to visible in the nighttime. The oral equivalent of the temperature is displayed by forehead measurement mode. It measures the temperature on the surface of the forehead by sensing the infrared emission from the skin. 

The oral equivalent value is calculated using a unique algorithm based on actual body temperature scan data and room temperature mode displays the room temperature even after a power failure and Surface measurement mode shows the actual and unmodified body surface temperature. It also helps to whether it is suitable for a patient or not. 

Omron Forehead Digital Thermometer Technical Specifications :

The sensor:

The temperature thermopile display, ° F in 0.1 ° increments; ° C in 0.1° increments

Accuracy :

Its forehead measurement mode has ± 0.2 ° C within 35.0 ° C to 42.0° C and for the remaining range, it has ± 0.3 ° C.

Surface measurement mode:

Its surface measurement mode has ± 0.3 ° C within 22.0 ° C to 42.2 °C and for the remaining range, it has ± 2 ° C or ± 4%.

Room temperature setting :

Setting the room temperature ± 2 ° C within 10 ° C to 40 ° C  and above the range, the measurement result cannot correspond to the above precision

Measuring range: 

For forehead measurement mode 34.0 ° C to 42.2 ° C; Surface Measurement Mode -22.0 ° C to 80.0 ° C; Room temperature setting from 10 ° C to 40 ° C

Power supply :

It has a 3.0 V DC and it has a lithium button battery 1 CR2032

Power Consumption: 

0.018W Operating temperature and also it has humidity 10 ° C  to 40 ° C 

Omron Forehead Digital Thermometer Features :

The last reading appears on the same screen as the current reading. The backlight of the screen provides vision in the dark. In the silent mode, it can store around 25 memory readings that make it easy to track the selectable unit of measure (° C / ° F) suitable for all age groups.

Product Specifications :

  • Battery1 CR123A 
  • Origin in China
  • SKUSEN764-Omron-MC-720
  • One user manual and battery in the contents
  • 1-year brand warranty
  • Weight is 230g
  • 3-day return policy for manufacturing defects
  • If you want to return the product must be unused and in original condition with all tags and receipts

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1 review for Best Omron MC 720 Digital Forehead Thermometer

  1. Shrikant

    Anyone facing issue, changing scale from Celsius to Fahrenheit can try this:

    1. Turn off the thermometer.
    2. Remove battery from the back, wait for a minute.
    3. Put the battery back in the thermometer.
    4. Turn thermometer on, keep power button pressed for 7 seconds. Scale should switch to F from C.

    As for the thermometer, measurements are accurate and build quality is good.

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