Dettol Germ Protection Alcohol based Hand Sanitizer

  • INSTANT SANITIZER: Kills 99.9% of germs without water
  • EASY TO USE: The sanitizer bottle with a pump dispenser ensures easy to use & hygiene
  • MILD FRAGRANCE: Non-irritating classic DETTOL fragrance
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Dettol Original Germ Protection and alcohol Hand Sanitizer is the most popular cleaning and personal care product for the household that offers complete protection against germs and helps protect the health of the family by improving hygiene. Detergents and disinfectants to protect you and your family from harmful germs that can cause disease 

Description :

Dettol is a non-rinsing and non-sticky hand disinfectant. It has an improved aroma with better coverage. It is specially designed to protect you from 100 diseases that germ cause. Dettol is specially designed to protect you from 100 diseases that germs cause. Protect yourself and your family from a wide variety of germ-causing diseases with this easy-to-use dropper bottle.

      It’s easy to keep germs away with Dettol Instant Hand Sanitizer refills on the go. Plus, it’s high in moisturizers that will never dry out your hands and make them 99.9% germ-free. These disinfectant bottles are convenient to carry and can be kept anywhere in your pocket or luggage. The frequency of transmission of germs from the hands to the mouth increases, causing diseases such as diarrhea, swine flu, cold, cough, etc. Ensuring proper hand hygiene habits for your family can be the first line of defense in protecting against various diseases.

The Product Claims :

    The Dettol Hand sanitizer kills 99.9% of germs instantly without the use of water. It can use anytime and anywhere like travel, car, office, sports, etc. Leaves your arms refreshed. Use as regularly as required.

Dettol Hand Sanitizer Features and details

  • kills 99.9% of germs 
  • Disinfectant bottle with a pump dispenser ensures ease of use and hygiene
  • Good fragrance
  • It is very effective and safe for children as well as adults also
  • Recommended by the Indian Medical Association 


Safety Information :

  • Exceedingly flammable
  • Keep away from the flame
  • For outside usage is best
  • Try to avoid in contact with eyes
  • If it contacts the eye, flush it with water
  • Not use for skin infections
  • Keep it away from youngsters
  • If ingested contact the doctor


Usage Directions :

 Just take 2-3 drops in the palm of your hands and rub both hands together until dry. No need to use water, it can kill the germs in your hands more than other products.

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