New Bigmuscles Nutrition Frotein | Hydrolysed Whey Protein Isolate

  • Revolutionary Frotein 
  • Best made even better
  • Deliciously Fruity
  • Lifestyle Whey
  • Meal Replacement
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Size: 15 Servings | Style name: Mango Orange

Looking for a refreshing new protein drink? Let’s Check it. It takes Numerous courage to give your best in these months. Working out in the hot, sweltering summer heat is not a joke- and it gets even harder when you’ll even hit the gym if you wanted to.

The grime and sweat get multiplied even though the reps don’t! Summers are also notorious for killing hunger, making it easy to go back into our air-conditioned comfort zone. And in such a scenario, regular protein shakes may seem too heavy to drink. Numerous gym-goers suffer the loss of bulk because they just can’t stomach the thick shakes because of the heat.

What we crave on these hot, sunny days is something refreshing. But is there a refreshing way to handle gains? Now, for the first time ever, you’ll get both, nutrition and refreshment, with our one of its kind formula! At Big Muscles, we have been consistently innovating to get just the right combinations of supplements for you and we don’t stop at just the nutrients-taste is a very important aspect of nutrition.

If it doesn’t taste right, you are less likely to stick to it! And what is healthy living if you’ll handle the good habits you pick up? So, to make your fitness easier, especially when you want a feeling of freshness, we have introduced FROTEIN! FROTEIN is a refreshingly delicious juicy whey protein supplement available in 5 fruit flavours. Not just for summer days, the juicy, fruity flavour will make this your go-to protein in all seasons! Start your morning with a fruity kick that keeps you feeling light and refreshed all day long.

FROTEIN is a new refreshing, sugar-free protein powder that supports low carb, keto and high protein diets whilst containing no artificial flavours. FROTEIN adds a crisp, light-tasting, and thirst-quenching quality to traditional protein powder.

Revolutionary Frotein: A delicious and powerful fruit twist to your regular whey protein
Best made even better: world-class formulation of 26g protein from hydrolysed and isolate whey protein matrix together with 15g essential amino acids, 6g glutamine, 5.5g BCAAs and 0g sugar per serving
Deliciously Fruity: Fantastic refreshing, light, and crisp whey protein with an identical taste like that of fruit juices. Available in 5 fruity flavours Pineapple, Guava, Mango Orange, Litchi, and Mango
Lifestyle Whey: A unisexual whey protein that not only helps fitness enthusiasts in building physique but also acts as a delicious & healthy meal replacement for all – students, office bearers and bodybuilders
Body Building: Frotein contains a fast-absorbing whey protein matrix that helps build lean muscles, supports post-workout muscle recovery and preparing for tough workouts
Meal Replacement: No more skipping meals because you don’t have time, take yummy frotein shakes to feel full, and resist the urge to reach for unhealthy snacks.
Anytime Protein: Post-workout, between meals, as a snack, or as a treat, it doesn’t matter – Frotein is formulated to be your any time of day protein powder.
Next-Gen: Well researched new age protein formulation which fulfils your daily protein needs, supports your diets and fitness routines. Keto-friendly, sports protected, gluten-free and no added soy
Recipes: Indulge in smooth and deliciously shakes, smoothies, cookies and pancakes to appease your cravings with zero guilt.


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  1. Customer

    Very best available at the given pricee, A deal to grab obviously!! Flavour is awesome and refreshes and have reasonable servings! Would recommend to all of you and surely looking for more. : )

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