Top 5 Special Baby Mosquito Net in India 2023

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A mosquito screen could also be a kind of meshed curtain that is draped over a sleeping area, to provide the sleeper barrier protection against bites from mosquitos, flies, and other pest insects, and thus against the diseases they’ll carry.

But, when the rainy season comes then virus spreading through mosquitoes are high. The virus spreads diseases like Dengue and Chikungunya. As a parent, one should be alert that their surroundings are clean so that the mosquitoes don’t bite children. another best thing to protect kids is to use these nets. The best element of the screen for babies is that they accompany a mattress which can be utilized in a crib or cot bed. The nets are effectively launderable and are generally a product of cotton.

Is Mosquito Net Are Useful 

Mosquito nets are one of the foremost important items of baby bedding. Baby bedding is incomplete without a screen because it protects from insects and allows the baby to enjoy a peaceful sleep. Treated mosquito nets are safe and effective if we use them correctly however direct contact with the insecticide can cause a kind of tingling sensation on the skin but it’s not harmful even for kids or young children.

The Best Material :

The best protection for long-lasting usage of insecticide type is recommended as ”polyester”  for all standards. Polyester is a strong and low-cost material that is easy to impregnate. widely available.

Steps to hang on Mosquito Net

  • Hang the screen above the sleeping space.
  • Make sure the screens are tucked under the mattress or mat to stop mosquitoes from getting inside.
  • Keep the net closed while sleeping and throughout the day while you’re off from the sleeping place.
  • Washing the net can remove insecticide after you can wash the screen follow the guidelines which were instructed with the net. Don’t wash the net too often.
  • Repair any rips or tears within the net.
  • We need to replace the mosquito nets at regular intervals means every 3-5 years.

Top 5 Baby Mosquito Nets 

top5 Mosquito net

Embroidery- Healthy Sleeping Foldable 

  • It provides protection against mosquitoes, flies and other insects.
  • It’s easily foldable, light-weighted, and used often carried with minimum effort.
  • The Healthy Sleeping screen pops up instantly and automatically, and maybe assembled in 30 seconds and maybe folded in 30 seconds.
  • The net has an entry as well as exit two gates on each side of the
  • These gates are attached with two-way zippers which may be used on both sides.
  • It is meant for maximum ventilation while sleeping.
  • The Healthy Sleeping net is often easily hand washed and cleaned without shrinking and discolouration.

Classic Mosquito Net Foldable King Size 

  • This mosquito pops up automatically and may be folded in 30 seconds.
  • The screen is additionally given large zipper gates on two sides for straightforward and convenient entry and exit
  • The screen is straightforward to get rid of and may be easily washed.
  • It is made up of spring steel technology frames which make the net flexible and safe to sleep in. A convenient zipper on each side for straightforward entry and exit is present.
  • There is no requirement for separate rods to hold the net because it comes with a robust flexible frame that fixes easily.
  • The net is often folded and simply stored in a carry bag which saves tons of space.
  • A Storage bag is included freed from cost with the net.
  • One can carry this while travelling or camping because it is light in weight and doesn’t take much space.

Royale Foldable Double Bed Mosquito Net

  • The screen is sort of large and may easily fit double beds sizes
  • This net is sort of durable and doesn’t tear away easily.
  • Because of its soft material, the screen is often easily folded and stored without occupying much space and comes with a simple storage bag. It is quite lightweight and may be carried around with ease.
  • This bed screen has large zipper gates and steel zips on all sides are sturdy and supply simple entry and exit while adding to its modern style design.

Verdioz Foldable Mosquito Net for Double Bed

  • These nets are made up of embroidery on top of the material, which elevates the design of the traditional screen.
  • The net will be easily mounted on top of the bed when required.
  • The durable net comes with a transportable bag and it is often moved around conveniently.
  • This screen is formed of superior quality material and therefore the design of the net itself is exclusive.
  • Zippers are available on the within for free of charge movement of individuals once inside.
  • The net has extra cloth which needs to be tucked under the bed for better protection.

Athena Creations Double Bed Foldable Mosquito Net 

  • The Polypropylene net and frames make the screen durable and safe to sleep in.
  • There is no need for separate rods to hold in the net because it comes with a robust flexible frame that fixes easily.
  • With this screen, you’ll keep the windows open and sleep peacefully to permit the natural breeze to flow in.
  • It is enough for your 2 adults and 1 kid.
  • The Athena Creations screen is given with two gates on each side of the net which are attached with two-way zippers
  • Athena Creations screen Pops up instantly.

Make Awarnence For Use of Mosquito Nets:

  • Encourage everyone in our community to sleep under a mosquito screen nightly. It is particularly important for kids and pregnant women.
  • Promote the use of long-lasting insecticide mosquito nets.
  • Make sure that everyone has bed nets in your community.
  • Find out where to obtain mosquito tents and help your local National Society branch to distribute them.
  • Show people how to hang their nets properly.
  • Visit neighbour houses and help them to hang nets and encourage them.
  • And tell to everyone about the benefits of mosquito nets usage.

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