Best ACS Wooden Acupressure Kit India

Stress Mat Combo Kit
Acupressure Mat
Comes with Stress Mat + Wooden Foot Roller for Knee Exercise + Wooden Acupressure Ball + Wooden Hand Roller for Body Massager+ Acupressure Pointer + Sujok finger Ring + Thumb Pressure +Kerala Roller Combo Kit

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This Acupressure Magnetic Tension Mat is excellent for your well being, you should try this for better health. You Get Tension Mat + Picket Foot Roller for Knee Workout + Picket Acupressure Ball + Picket Hand Roller for Frame Massager+ Acupressure Pointer + Sujok finger Ring + Thumb Power +Kerala Roller Mixture in the Package.

You can use this anywhere where you want to do exercise because it is portable. This is a combo package with an acupressure mat. Use this all almost 15 minutes a day. When you use acupressure points then it activates blood circulation, tiredness, freshness, effective in shoulder pain & total health.

Acupressure Kit

Energy Wooden ball For special points of your Hands and Foot. Best for the middle part of the palm & finger relaxation. The Wooden Kits of Wooden Foot Roller for Knee Exercise + Wooden Acupressure Ball + Wooden Hand Roller for Body Massager+ Acupressure Pointer + Sujok finger Ring + Thumb Pressure +Kerala Roller Combo Kit.

Power Mat – It is a new computerized designed mat with an energy center, pyramid yantra orbit, and innovative new foot shape design. It covers all important pressure points in the body. You can Warm-up your body by jogging for three to five minutes daily in this mat. It gave Morning freshness with total health.

Acupressure Jimmy – It is special Su-Jok points for your finger. Use it in Su-Jok treatment. The essential and best tool for Su-Jok Therapist And Acupressurist.

Sujok Ring (Silver) – Especially For the pressure of your Fingers Points. Roll it in finger with mild pressure. It Designed for thorough stimulation of the finger toes. The regular uses of this enhance your blood circulation & promote effectiveness on the organ at large.

Foot roller (Wooden) – It is best for your foot relaxation and pain relief. Press & roll your foot over the roller daily 5-10 minutes and warm up your leg easily. Especially use this when you have Arthritis sciatica, leg pain, gouts and digestion problems.

Mini Roller (Deluxe) – Most Effective in joints pain. Use this for cervical spondylitis and Total body massage and relaxation. |

Karela Roll (Wooden) – It is special for point of your Hands. Stimulates Acupressure points activates blood circulation, tiredness, freshness & total health.

Hand Roll (Soft point) – Pressing your body all points at a time. Roll it to the over-responsive center of the hand & foot. The roller is a useful device that is used to stimulate the acupressure points located in the hands. It gave many benefits such as, aiding blood circulation, improving digestion, renewed energy, and pain relief. You can do this for about 3-5 minutes daily, before meal times for the best results.

Thumb Jimmy – For pressure by Thumb, You can use thumb jimmy to press the reflex point of the body. It Stimulates the blood circulation, recharges the organ. A plastic multi-pointed headed implement mounted on the Thumb as a crown, is used for superficial stimulation of correspondence areas located on flat & rough surfaces like areas corresponding to our abdomen organs on the palm inner & rear side.

Acupressure kit Benefits

  • It Improves your blood circulation and makes your skin healthier.
  • Reduce your stress, anxiety, and even blood pressure.
  • Regular use of this helps you in curing chronic pains without taking painkillers.
  • It also improves your sleeping pattern and helps you in getting good sleep.
  • Use this for the Treatment of sciatica, leg pain, cramps, heel pain, knee pain, piles, migraine, sinus, insomnia.

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2 reviews for Best ACS Wooden Acupressure Kit India

  1. Bhawna

    Best accupressure kit. It helps to improve your blood circulation.

  2. Azad

    Gud product but the rollers given were bit old looking. Rest all perfect.

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